Screenshot of app running. "find" entered in the search bar, camera viewfinder shows a textbook with 1 result detected.
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Find: Command+F for Camera

Free • no ads or in-app purchases

Find text in real life, fast.

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It's like Command+F, but for your camera

Ctrl+F if you prefer Windows

Works with anything

Books, textbooks, worksheets... literally anything.

Fast, accurate, free

Find is faster than the human eye.


Blast through hundreds of photos in minutes.


Cache your photos for super-fast, super-accurate results.


Group words together. Boost your efficiency.

Combine lists

Look for multiple words at the same time. Great for vocab assignments.

Let Find read the nutrition label for you

Gluten-free? Have allergies? Gather them into a list, and Find will keep an eye out!


Full VoiceOver support with extended accessibility features.