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Help Find grow! It’s a pretty small app built by a one person team, but I’m working on it with everything I got. Want to join me in spreading the word?


Find is a fast, focused iOS app that lets you find text in real life. It brings the power of Command + F to your phone’s camera, balancing speed with awesome capability. I value ease-of-use just as much as your privacy, so there are no ads, trackers, or data being collected.

Find is completely free and works 100% offline. The Optical Character Recognition that powers the core functionality uses on-device technology that’s both fast and accurate. It annihilates the human eye, especially when processing hundreds of photos and producing results in seconds.

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  • Find text anywhere. Works with books, worksheets, nutrition labels, instruction manuals, sales reports, you name it!
  • Use the camera, or find from existing photos
  • Batch-find through multiple photos simultaneously
  • Cache photos to index them, so results will appear instantly the next time your find from them
  • Intuitive 3-tab design, which you can swipe between
  • Make and customize lists to group words together
  • Extended VoiceOver support, with photo transcripts, color pitches, and haptics
  • Fast, accurate, and free. No ads, subscriptions, or in-app purchases.
  • Even more
    • Pausable camera preview with full-screen mode
    • Flashlight
    • Stats screen for quick, glanceable info
    • Lists appear in the toolbar above the keyboard
    • Use lists to scan nutrition labels for ingredients that you want to indulge in, or avoid
    • Combine lists to filter words with contrasting highlight colors. Makes looking for vocab words much easier in school.
    • Star photos to get to them faster
    • Slider for filtering photos, between “Local,” “Starred,” “Cached,” and “All”
    • Save or cache photos directly in the paused camera preview

Feature Spotlight: Lists

Time is valuable. Leave the repetitive work of struggling through page after page to a machine, which is faster and makes less mistakes. With Lists, Find is more than just Command + F.

Lists - Group words together. Great for keeping an eye out for dietary restrictions or allergies.

Combine lists - use their highlight colors to sort apart words.

Powerful and modern list builder - customize its words and appearance effortlessly.

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About the Developer

Hi, I’m Andrew Zheng. I’m an iOS developer living in the SF Bay Area. Besides coding, I like to watch anime and read manga/light. I also teach piano.

Find is my first and most fully-featured app. I originally built it to help out with school, but I think it’s gotten to be pretty useful for stuff beyond that. But anyway, I’m very committed to user privacy. No one likes apps that sell your data. It’s the same with outrageous subscriptions and unskippable ads. So, all of my apps don’t collect data, have subscriptions, or ads.

You can contact me anytime through Reddit DMs or Discord, or via email.